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Online registration will end

at midnight on March 30th. There are no refunds or downgrades.  Transferring a pass to another person requires a $10 transfer fee. 

Pay Online

Full Weekend Pass.........$175

Weekend Dance Pass......$100


NOTE: Full Weekend Passes grant access to all classes and evening dances. Weekend Dance Passes grant access to all of the evening dance (daytime classes are not included).  There are no fees to enter a dance competition.  However, all competitors are required to register for a Weekend Dance Pass or Full Weekend Pass.

Pay at the Door

Weekend Dance Pass......$100

Friday Night Dance...........$50

Saturday Night Dance.......$60

Sunday Night Dance.........$10

NOTE: Full Weekend Passes are sold online only.  All others are available either at the door or online.  At the door, we will accept payment in cash, credit/debit card, or PayPal.  We do not accept checks, Venmo, or Apple Pay.  

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