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Swingin by the Sound 2024

This year's competition divisions:

Amateur Mix & Match
Advanced Mix & Match

Competition SIGN-UP

  1. There are no competition fees

  2. To be fair, if you have won 1st place in a beginner level (a.k.a., newcomer) collegiate shag competition in the past, you should not compete in our beginner competition (if we host one); and the same principle applies to those who have won 1st in an amateur (a.k.a., intermediate) collegiate shag competition

  3. Sign-up opens at 7:00pm on Friday at the registration desk

  4. Sign-up closes at 5:00pm on Saturday

  5. It’s first-come, first served

  6. Equal lead-and-follow ratios will be enforced via sign-up sheets

  7. Those who end up at the bottom of the sign-up sheet and who don’t initially make the competitor’s roster (due to unequal ratios of sign-ups) will be put on a waiting list

NOTE: Folks on the waiting list should stay near the front desk between 7 and 7:30pm on Sat in case someone on the roster drops or fails to show up.

Competition CHECK-IN and PRELIMS

  1. Competitor check-in for both prelims starts at 7:00pm on Sat night

  2. Bib numbers must be picked up in person at the front desk during check-in

  3. If you do not check in by 7:20pm, Saturday night, your place in the competition may be given to someone on the waiting list

  4. You may not check in on behalf of someone else or pick up their bib for them

  5. At 7:35pm, after the check-in is complete, competitors and judges will walk to Brigid’s Loft for the competitor’s meeting; this is also where the prelims will be held, starting at 8:00 pm

Competition FINALS

  1. For competition finals, competitors should make their way to the stage 5 min. prior to the competition start time!  Ryan and/or the MC will be there doing a head-count

  2. Finalists who fail to show up at that time may automatically forfeit their spot to an alternate

  3. We have a moderate but mandatory dress code for competition finals:

    1. Please don't wear athletic shoes (cross-trainers, cleats, running shoes, etc.); Keds, Vans, All-Stars, etc. are fine

    2. Please don't wear graphic apparel (e.g., t-shirts with silk-screened images, etc.) or garments that prominently feature words or brand logos; stripes are fine

On the day of the competitions, please check the schedule to confirm meetings times and start times for your competition.

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